Pen-Y-Lan Pork

Pen-Y-Lan Pork

When Pen-y-Lan Pork began its existence 15 years ago, their aim was to produce quality sausages with a high meat content. Today, their produce sausages that have between 88 and 92% meat content.

Mike and the team at Pen-y-Lan Pork strongly believe that selling direct to the public is the future of a successful business. This is the reason why you won’t find them in any large supermarket chains.

Pen-y-Lan Pork produces a large variety of pork sausages, from traditional, Olde English, chilli or apple, to pork and tomato, or pork and leek. There is also bacon and a back pudding classed as the new super food, made without any fat.

Pen Y Lan Pork is also known for being Premier Hog Roast Supplier.


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